Badger FCC About New Broadband Map

Two weeks ago, we reported on the new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) broadband-availability maps that will be used to close the digital divide by providing grant funding to the states and local governments that are most in need of broadband infrastructure. The Wisconsin Public Service Commission, County of Door and local municipalities have urged everyone to go to the map to check the accuracy of the data for their own homes and businesses.

Last week, a bipartisan group of 26 U.S. senators – Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) among them – urged people to “Badger the FCC” by checking the accuracy of the maps. The group also sent a letter to FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel expressing concerns that the maps wouldn’t satisfy the goals of the Broadband DATA Act in providing a reliable depiction of broadband availability across the nation.

“We have heard from constituents, state and local governments, and service providers alike of continuing concerns about the accuracy of the map, ranging from persistent issues with missing or incorrect serviceable locations to potentially overstated claims of coverage by providers,” the senators wrote. “To ensure the map can be used for decisions about where to direct tens of billions of dollars for broadband deployment, it is critical that these issues be examined and addressed in a systematic and thorough manner.”

To “Badger the FCC,” go to Visit the FCC’s consumer challenge website to learn more.