Baileys Harbor Looking for Community Garden Volunteers

Ever since the town of Baileys Harbor acquired the Toft House and after the inspiring Community Design workshops a few years ago, the Toft House property seems the ideal spot for a community garden project. Last summer a small group tried a modest straw bale garden at the Toft House. To expand on this garden project, a meeting is scheduled at the Baileys Harbor Town Hall on March 19 at 5:30 pm. Everyone is invited to share ideas on the best way to proceed. The hope is that people of all ages and from all levels of experience will get involved, including community organizations, school groups, ecology groups, scouts, master gardeners, organic farmers and anyone with ideas to share. It would also be great if anyone has the skills needed to build a fence to enclose the garden area. Any questions, contact Roberta Thelen at 920.495.0890 or [email protected].  

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