Baileys Harbor Looks at Next Steps for Anclam Park

During a budget hearing this fall, Baileys Harbor officials expressed uncertainty about 2021 spending needs for flagstone and heating repairs for the town hall and costs to complete repairs at Anclam Park. In December, board members reached a consensus to hold down costs on one of those – the jetty repairs.

Bashed by waves and record-high water in Lake Michigan, Anclam Park’s jetty needed repair and reinforcement in 2020. But the town did not finish fixing the path to the jetty or replacing washed-away landscaping.

Board member Peter Jacobs, an engineer, suggested completing repairs now and waiting a year or two to do any major landscaping. That way, Jacobs said, town officials can see how well the jetty is faring.

Public Works Superintendent Ryan Weisgerber said the town has topsoil and grass seed left over from a job at the Green Site, so his crew can handle some of the temporary landscaping work in-house after the path repair. The board agreed to seek quotes for gravel to fill in gaps in the path for now.