Baileys Harbor Mural Update

Ram Rojas paints the Baileys Harbor Community Mural.

Ram Rojas has begun work again on the Baileys Harbor Community Mural. The hole above Cana Island has been repaired and Rojas is painting in a myriad of details. Local plants and animals will come to life throughout the mural. The final addition will be lines from Lorine Niedecker’s poem, “Wintergreen Ridge.”

The artist uses a platform scissors lift for easier access to all parts of the large “canvas,” and he expects to complete the work by September.

Funds are still needed to cover the cost of the lift rental, air compressor, art supplies, and the final coating application that will protect the mural from the effects of the sun and weather. An anonymous lender provided start-up funds last year and that interest-free loan also needs to be repaid. Donations can be made to the Baileys Harbor Historical Society, PO Box 336, Baileys Harbor, WI 54202.