Bargains Unlimited Welcomes Clean and Usable Donations

Donating unwanted items to Bargains Unlimited is a great way to downsize, gain space and help keep your life organized. Volunteers sort, display and sell the donated goods to those who are looking to add to their home, cottage, wardrobe and more. The income from the sales of donated items helps to fund Scandia Village Good Samaritan Retirement Center. 

However, there can be a downside to donations. Every year, Bargains Unlimited incurs extra expense to dispose of unusable donations – those that are stained, damaged, moldy, incomplete or unusable. Therefore, before making a donation, ask yourself, “Would I want to wear, display or use this item in its current condition?” or “Does this item require significant cleaning or repair?” Although volunteers spend time trying to repair and clean items, some donations remain unfit for resale. Please make sure that your donation is ready to be sold as is, thereby profiting the retirement center.

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