Basch’s “Pieces for the Puzzle”

Bruce Basch was on hand at Martinez Studio July 17 for a reception in celebration of his exhibit “Pieces for the Puzzle.” Photo by Dan Eggert.

Bruce Basch debuted a number of new works, augmented with a few favorites from his vast vault, for his “Pieces for the Puzzle Show” at Martinez Studio July 15 – 18.

Basch, a perennial resident of Door County, has an MFA degree in painting from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and primarily works with oil paint; however, found objects and other repurposed materials serve as incitement for producing many of his pieces.

He describes his art-making process as reactionary, explaining: “I don’t paint pictures, I make visual objects.”

Though the eclectic installation of painting, collage, and sculpture at Martinez Studio was a limited show, Basch has exhibited at numerous venues in Door County over a growing number of decades, as well as exhibitions throughout the state at the Madison Art Center and The Milwaukee Art Museum.

Currently, Basch’s work is on display at Leroy’s Waterstreet Coffee, located in the Shorewood Village Shops in Ephraim.