Bayside Tavern History Is Topic of Next Gibraltar Talks Program

Gibraltar Historical Association’s next Gibraltar Talks program is Sept. 22 about the “History of the Bayside Tavern” with guest speaker Bobby MacDonald. Bobby will share the history of the building, owners and stories only a watering hole can tell.

Gathering stories and asking the questions is what Bobby has in store for those who want to know if walls could talk. From ice cream to perch to their famous chili, there’s an even more interesting twist on their front door, back door and possibly trap door service. The history of the building will be interesting, but the stories that took place are the best part of their past. Some will be sure to make listeners chuckle and some will make listeners wonder.

Pull up a chair, grab a handful of peanuts and take in a few salty tales of the past at 7 pm in Fish Creek’s Old Town Hall. Bring a story to share or maybe a memento from the past or even a photo.

Gibraltar Historical Association is a nonprofit that shares history with our community and visitors. Visit their museum, Alexander Noble House, at 4176 Main Street for “Victorian Wedding Customs and Gowns” open 10 am – 3 pm Tuesday through Saturdays. For more information, call 920.868.2091 or find Gibraltar Historical Association on Facebook.


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