Beach of the Week: Newport Beach

Stretching along 11 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, Newport State Park offers beachgoers the opportunity to work up a sweat before taking a break on the beach or in the cool, calm waters of the lake. 

From Parking Lot 3, the walk to the water is brief. This part of the beach, located near the Europe Bay trailhead, is currently rocky because of recent high waters eating up most of the sand. However, a nearby sandy area provides the perfect spot for sunbathing and picnicking.

Beachgoers who set out on Europe Bay Trail (also accessible from Parking Lot 3) will be able to find some sand farther down the shoreline. Heading away from Newport Bay toward Europe Bay, the Europe Bay Trail branches off into multiple offshoots – many of which lead from the woods onto the beach. Determined beachgoers can discover some beautiful sandy areas along the water if they’re willing to explore and follow the sand! 

Newport Beach is also the perfect place to visit in the evening. Although most people flock to the bay side to watch the sunset, head to Newport Beach to watch the moon rise over Lake Michigan. It’s a magnificent sight: The water sparkles like champagne, and the moon casts a single,  iridescent path across the waves. 

Beach at a Glance

• Newport State Park is Wisconsin’s only designated wilderness park and one of just 48 International Dark Sky Parks worldwide. 

• A picnic area, reservable shelter and toilets are located near Parking Lot 3.

• There are no boat launches available, so use caution when you’re aboard small watercraft: Strong westward winds can blow you away from shore. 

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services recently released guidelines for reducing the spread of COVID-19 at beaches. To read about them, visit

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