Being Responsible with E-Waste

Because of the coming switch to digital broadcast television, recycling centers have seen an influx of analog televisions.

You do not need to buy a new TV if you buy a converter box for your analog set. Your existing TV will work just fine with either the converter box or pay service.

If you choose to buy a new digital television set please be responsible with the disposal of your old set. Like all electronics, your TV is filled with toxic metals and chemicals that should not be put into landfills where the toxins will leak into the air and water.

There are a few responsible recycling centers in Door County that will take your old TV (or computer), remove the toxins from it and properly dispose of them.

• Sturgeon Bay Utilities (SBU), 230 E. Vine St., 920.746.2820.

SBU has a drop-off program four times a year with the next one coming in early May. Bring your TV or computer and they will charge you 25 cents per pound to properly dispose of your e-waste.

• Little Hoppers, 1509 Division Rd., 920.746.7434.

Little Hoppers charges $20 for a TV up to 27″ (more for larger sets) or a computer monitor, and $30 for a complete computer system. They also properly dispose of your e-waste.