Beyond Traditional Photography

“Toby” by Jorie Johansen

“Picture This!” – the first exhibit at the Hardy Gallery to concentrate solely on works with photographic origins – is currently on display.

Professionals and amateur photographers alike are included in this juried exhibit, which features everything in the realm of traditional and digital photographic processes – shot with film, shot digitally, unaltered shots, mixed media, digital manipulations, and more.

“Photography is, by and large, not exclusively photography in the traditional sense any longer,” says Elizabeth Meissner-Gigstead, Executive Director of the Hardy.

Award recipients include: “The Friesian” by Martha Coaty (Jurors Award for Artistic Excellence, $150 cash prize); “Toby” by Jorie Johansen (Award of Merit, $50 cash prize); “Queen Anne’s Lace” by Heather Harle-Frykman (Award of Merit, $50 cash prize); “Kangaroo in Autumn” by Carol Straubel (Honorable Mention from Juror Suzanne Rose); “Cradle” by W. Joseph Christiansen (Honorable Mention from Juror Sarah Detweiler); and “Holstein Line-Up” by Heather Harle-Frykman (Honorable Mention from Juror Daniel B. Anderson).

The “Picture This!” exhibit is the final exhibition in the Hardy Gallery’s 2011 season, and will be open to the general public for viewing through Tuesday, October 11 daily from 10 am – 5 pm in the gallery located on Ephraim’s Anderson Dock. For more information call 920.854.2210 or visit