Bier Zot Hosts Blind Beer Tasting, Dance Party June 16


Join Bier Zot and their pals from Almanac Beer Co. for a beer experience unlike any other on June 16. As a kick-off to Beer Fest weekend, this event will tug at the heartstrings of the most passionate of beer lovers.

Featuring the juiciest ales they have to offer, including Cherry Picker, Passion Project and Valley of the Hearts Delight, Bier Zot welcomes patrons to take a bite out of Almanac with featured flights, oysters infused in Almanac and fresh Swedish desserts featuring Cherry Picker.

In addition, the most passionate palates are invited to a Five Buck Blind Tasting at their beach bar. With the lure of prizes and swag from Almanac, patrons are challenged to correctly identify a host of beer characteristics.

And, for those passionate enough to stay into the night, Bier Zot will bust at the seams with a dance party.

The featured flights will be available all day. Almanac infused oysters and desserts will be served at 4 pm and the Five Buck Blind Tasting will be from 4 to 6 pm. The dance party starts at 8 pm.

Bier Zot is a year-round Belgian Beer Cafe located at 10677 N. Bay Shore Drive in Sister Bay. For more information visit


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