Bike This: Skyline Road to Sven’s Bluff (Even in Winter)

Winter biking seemed to be an endeavor for the crazy or the nerveless just a few years ago. Now it’s a common sight thanks to the rise of the fat tire.

There aren’t many groomed trails in the county for the most exhilarating riding experience, but you can still get a great ride in through the parks and on the road. Fat tires provide incredible traction and a smooth ride, allowing you to easily ride through a field, over rocks or in packed snow.

As for handling the cold, it’s all about layers covering extremities. Your body warms up easily even on the coldest days, but you’ll want to wear a balaclava, toe covers and a good pair of gloves. With that coverage, a winter ride really isn’t bad at all. 


Sven’s Bluff provides a beautiful overlook. Photo by Myles Dannhausen Jr.

Where to Ride This Winter

You can rent a fat-tire bike at Nor Door Sport and Cyclery near the Peninsula Park entrance for about $10 an hour. It’s a great way to try it out. 

One option is to stick to the park’s roads and climb up Skyline Road to Sven’s Bluff. It will test your lungs, but the rare glimpse of the view in winter is more than worth your effort.

You can also ride on any roads that are groomed for snowmobiling within the state parks, but not on off-road snowmobile trails in or outside the parks. That includes Sunset Trail when it’s groomed for snowmobiling. 

For a better trail experience, head to Newport State Park, where there’s a five-mile fat-tire bike trail that even has groomed sections when the snow falls.

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