Bill Would Encourage Sale of Electric Vehicles in Wisconsin

Senate Bill 462 is now moving through the Wisconsin Legislature. At this time, it is not legal for the manufacturer of an electric vehicle (EV) to sell to and have it delivered to a resident in Wisconsin. Therefore, if you wish to purchase an EV from a manufacturer such as Tesla, you must have it delivered to an out-of-state address and go pick it up, or pay a private, often out-of-state, carrier to deliver it to you. 

I feel this discourages the sales of EVs in Wisconsin, benefits the economy of the state where the EV is delivered and prevents the creation of new jobs in this state. Senate Bill 462 would eliminate that hurdle to EV purchases in Wisconsin.

The switch to EVs is an important step in the process of protecting our fragile environment, and we must do all we can to remove hurdles to this process. I feel this is especially important in an area such as Door County, which is rich in natural beauty while also being severely challenged by overpopulation for at least six months of the year. 

I think it would be very responsible for all of us to contact our elected officials, Rep. Joel Kitchens and Sen. André Jacque, to request that they do all they can to get this bill passed.

David Heilman

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin