Bills to Watch: Condo Disputes, Pollution, Snowmobile Trails

AB-685 / SB-512

Notice for condominium disputes

This bill, authored by Rep. Joel Kitchens, requires the party bringing a dispute between a condominium association and a unit owner to first file a notice of claim. One purpose of this legislation is to allow for the association and unit owner to resolve the dispute before going to court. The bill is currently in the Committee on Housing and Real Estate in the Assembly and is available for scheduling in the Senate.

AB-700 / SB-632

Notification of pollution

This bill requires the Department of Natural Resources to notify an affected county health department and county land and conservation department in the event of a groundwater-standard violation by a pollution permit holder. The bill has wide bipartisan support. It is currently in the Committee on Natural Resources and Energy in the Senate and the Committee on Environment in the Assembly.

AB-692 / SB-623

Snowmobile trail funding

This bill increases the segregated snowmobile trail and area assistance by $3 million per fiscal year to increase funding for snowmobile trail maintenance and related projects. The bill also increases spending authority so that the Department of Natural Resources can appropriate funds that currently exist in the snowmobile program. The bill is circulating for co-sponsorship until Dec. 4.