Bills to Watch: Creative Economy Grants, Liquor Sales


Creative economy grants

These bills, moving through the Assembly and Senate simultaneously, would provide matching grants of up to $40,000 to for-profit and nonprofit businesses, local governmental agencies and business-development organizations that promote individuals or organizations with an origin in artistic, cultural, creative or aesthetic content; job creation; economic development; arts education; or workforce training and development. The bill had a public hearing on March 12 and is now in the Committee on Community Development.


Prohibit sale of vapor products to minors

This bill would prohibit sales to minors and purchases by minors of vapor products such as e-cigarettes and vape pens, which can be used without nicotine and are commonly used by people trying to quit smoking. Still, there is concern that the use of such products by minors will encourage their use of tobacco and marijuana. The bill is in the Committee on State Affairs.


Sale of liquor for consumption off premises

This bill would allow taverns and bars to sell intoxicating liquor in any quantity for consumption off premises. Currently, most of these establishments cannot sell intoxicating liquor in containers greater than four liters, but this bill would lift that quantity cap in municipalities that already allow such sales. These bills are moving through both legislative chambers simultaneously and are in committee.