Bills to Watch: March 13-20

Wisconsin Act 141

Snowmobile-trail funding

On March 3, Gov. Tony Evers signed Wisconsin Act 141, which increases funding for counties to maintain snowmobile trails by $3 million. The state reimburses snowmobile groups to clear and maintain trails, but groups have argued that the reimbursement rate is significantly below the actual cost of trail maintenance. 

Wisconsin Act 151

Water pollution credit trading

Also on March 3, Gov. Tony Evers signed Wisconsin Act 151, which created a credit-trading program that seeks to reduce nutrient pollution in Wisconsin waterways, provide an income source for agricultural producers, and reduce the financial burden for the upgrade of water-treatment plants. 

The program allows agricultural producers to generate pollution-reduction credits through better management practices and sell those credits to other parties that would otherwise need to undergo large capital investments to reduce their own nutrient pollution. Rep. Joel Kitchens co-authored the bill.

Senate Bill 43

Paddlewheel raffles

Gov. Tony Evers vetoed Senate Bill 43, authored by Sen. André Jacque, which would have expanded raffle licenses to include licensure for paddlewheel raffles. In a memo explaining the veto, Evers said the change could threaten the exclusive rights of tribal nations to conduct gaming in Wisconsin.