Bills to Watch: Nov. 8


Cell phones while driving

This bill would make it illegal to use a cell phone while driving, except for certain hands-free use, use by law-enforcement officials or use related to an emergency. Minnesota and Illinois have similar laws, which are believed to reduce the likelihood of vehicle crashes. The bill is in committee in both the Assembly and the Senate.


Levy-limit referendum

This bill would allow a municipality or county to hold a referendum to increase its levy limit using the best available data instead of waiting for November, which current law requires. The bill was introduced at the request of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities and the Wisconsin Counties Association. Rep. Joel Kitchens is co-sponsoring the bill, which is currently in committee in both the Assembly and Senate. 

AB-515, 516, 518

Truth-in-labeling bills

These bills aim to prohibit the labeling of foods as meat or dairy products if they do not contain meat or dairy, but they would not take effect unless 10 other states with strong agricultural economies adopt similar laws. These bills seek to protect consumers from confusion about alternative meat and dairy products. Sen. Tammy Baldwin supported a similar measure at the federal level, which failed. The bills are currently in committee.