Birch Creek Free Concert

The talented young musicians of Birch Creek’s summer academy have left the campus and are returning to their homes across the country. Even though the young students and faculty members have moved on, music is still in the air at Birch Creek as Adult Band Camp participants begin to arrive for four days of music, learning and escape.

From Aug. 16-19, nearly 50 adult musicians who range in age from 25 to 75 will spend their days at Birch Creek in warm-ups, rehearsals, sectionals, master classes and ensembles as they enhance their music performance skills. This is only the second year for Birch Creek’s Adult Band Camp and it is on the rise, with double the number of students attending this year compared to last year.

A free concert featuring the 2018 Adult Band Camp musicians is Aug. 19, 2 pm. This concert band performance is open to the public and is the culmination of hard work and “Birch Creek magic” for these grown-up student musicians. For more information visit

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