Bits and Bites: Aronia Berries, the DisOnyx, Tap Cocktails and More Carhop

Discourse Coffee’s DisOnyx Supports Black Lives Matter

Before Discourse Coffee even opened its doors in 2017, owner Ryan Castelez contacted Arkansas coffee roaster Onyx Coffee Lab to propose a collaboration. Born out of that partnership was the DisOnyx, a refreshing, revitalizing iced-coffee drink. 

“We developed this recipe together over the phone and through email, and then we both ran the recipe in our shops for three months,” Castelez said. “And this is the first time we’ve brought it back.” 

During Discourse’s opening weekend this year, 100 percent of proceeds from the DisOnyx were donated to Black Lives Matter (BLM) Solidarity Sister Bay and to purchase copies of Richard Rothstein’s eye-opening book The Color of Law to share at the coffee shop. 

The DisOnyx at Discourse Coffee. Photo by Aleah Kidd.

“We raised just short of $200 on opening weekend. I was really happy with it,” Castelez said. During subsequent weekends and in the future, a portion of the proceeds will continue to support the BLM movement and educating our community about these ongoing issues. 

“Let’s spread love, knowledge and community in times too often shaped by hatred and division,” Castelez said.

The DisOnyx is smooth, cool and intriguing. Or, as it’s described on Discourse’s website, it’s a “summer dreamboat: as invigorating as it is refreshing.” It’s made with slow-drip coffee over grapefruit peel, grapefruit and lemongrass syrup, tonic water and activated charcoal, which gives the drink a dark color. Order online for pickup at

Island Fever Rum Bar & Grill Adds Tap Cocktails

The tap handles at Island Fever Rum Bar & Grill got an update thanks to Cody and Ashley Leist at Door County Chainsaw Carvings. Island Fever recruited the couple to create custom tap handles for its draft cocktails, which were added after a new tap system was installed in the fall. The new system keeps the lines chilled to the tap, allowing the bar to serve cold juice cocktails. 

“Cody and Ashley are both very talented and have done work for us in the past, so we knew they would be the perfect team to tackle this project,” said Hunter Bjarnarson, co-owner with brother Chase Bjarnarson. The two businesses had worked together to create the tiki figures on Island Fever’s front patio and the pelican sitting atop its sign. 

The newly installed tap handles at Island Fever Rum Bar and Grill. Photo from their Facebook business page.

Cody carved – and Ashley painted – the handles for the three draft cocktails:

 The Painkiller: Made of cream of coconut, pineapple juice, a little orange juice, a lot of rum and freshly grated nutmeg – and garnished with an orange wedge – it’s just what the doctor ordered.

 Door County cherry mojito: This refreshing Cuban cocktail with a Door County twist is a mixture of white rum, fresh mint, lime juice, cherry juice from Seaquist Orchards, sugar and a splash of soda.

 Lime margarita: This classic lime margarita is made with lime juice, Squirt, triple sec, lots of tequila and a little secret island magic. 

Hidden Acres Farm Stand Offers Aronia Berries and More

The community-oriented Hidden Acres farm  ( has begun sales at its roadside farm stand at 11128 Beach Road in Sister Bay. 

The growing operation is the creation of Tom and Carolyn Rehberger, who combined their love of home gardens and healthful cooking with the idea of bringing the community together through these shared passions. 

The farm’s grounds include a community-grown garden that volunteers care for, which allows them to use their share of the harvest. In a different area, the farms also grows rows of shrubs that produce the antioxidant-rich aronia berry. At the farm stand, customers can purchase bags of frozen aronia berries and a range of freshly picked vegetables, greens and herbs. 

Hidden Acres grower Erin Murphy recommends using aronia berries in smoothies, jams, syrups and preserves. 

“I wouldn’t recommend eating them raw,” she said. “They are really tannic and dry your mouth out. But they are super good for you.” According to an informational recipe card available at the stand, the aronia berry has higher antioxidant levels than any other berry, and its high polyphenol, resveratrol, flavonoid and anthocyanin content help to prevent disease, boost the immune system and play a role in healthy aging. 

Stop by the farm stand on weekends, generally 9 am – 2 pm, to get fresh produce and frozen berries. 

Gibraltar Grill’s 16th Season Offers Three Dining Options

The family- and dog-friendly dining spot in Fish Creek opened June 18 for its 16th season with new options and practices that show how much effort the staff has put into opening within CDC guidelines.

This year, diners can dine inside with reservations or walk in to dine on the patio, take orders to go, or text for carhop service. The restaurant is offering its full menu, including fan favorites of burgers, sandwiches, barbecue ribs, walleye and Cajun pasta, plus lots of cold craft beers. 

To review the full list of precautions being taken to help ensure staff members’ and diners’ health and safety, visit

Photo from the Gibraltar Grill Facebook business page.

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