Bits & Bites: Hacienda + Bad Moravian = Good Times

Last weekend, Hacienda Beer Co. welcomed back a favorite milk stout after a long hiatus: The Only Time Is Party Time. As the weather continues to cool, folks are looking for thick, decadent stouts. For Party Time, Hacienda takes its robust and creamy milk-stout recipe – full of oats, chocolate malt and lactose – and allows it to condition on plenty of toasted and raw coconut and locally roasted, whole-bean coffee. 

Also arriving for the weekend is an oak-cellar release called The Third Steeple. It’s a collaboration with Bad Moravian, a new craft-beer bar in Ephraim started by Randy Isely of Isely Coffee and Sophie Nelson, cicerone.

Hacienda Brewing

This spring, Hacienda welcomed Isley and Nelson into its oak cellar to develop a beer to celebrate Bad Moravian’s first season in Door County. The Third Steeple is a blend of hoppy foeder saison that spent seven months in oak, and two batches of rye saison that spent 16 and 27 months in oak. After blending, Hacienda conditioned the beer on Rishi peach blossom tea and cascara sourced by Isely Coffee. The Third Steeple has notes of peach rings, floral tea, lime, tangerine, hibiscus and red currant, with earthy, funky undertones and medium acidity.

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