Bjِrklunden Seminars Cover Deities, Baseball and Watercolor

From August 3 through August 8, Lawrence University’s Björklunden is offering three seminars, including “Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth” with Bill Urbrock, “Baseball and American Society” with Tim Crain and “Watercolor: The Expressive Medium” with Helen R. Klebesadel, which will run through breakfast on Saturday, August 9.

These seminars will take place at Björklunden’s magnificent lodge, just south of Baileys Harbor. Seminar classes meet weekday mornings and some evenings with remaining free time open for exploration of the area’s many cultural and recreational opportunities or simple relaxation at Björklunden’s meadows, woods, and mile-long, unspoiled Lake Michigan shoreline. Each seminar includes meals prepared by Björklunden’s own resident chef, one of Door County’s finest.

Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth

One of the most fascinating deities known to us from the past is the goddess Inanna, revered in ancient Sumer as queen of heaven and earth. She was the protector of kings, patron of temples and cities, powerful consort of the god Dumuzi, and the jealous goddess of love and life, anger and destruction. In this seminar, participants will read and discuss some delightful recent translations of major texts – some dating to the 4th millennium B.C.E. – that present some of Inanna’s many faces and roles. Writers and poets, students of ancient cultures and all who enjoy love songs and stories of adventure will be right at home in this seminar.

Baseball and American Society

The game of baseball has impacted American culture more than any other sport. In this series, students will explore the origins of the great national pastime, the stars of the early game, Babe Ruth and his impact on baseball and American culture in the 1920s, Jackie Robinson and the breaking of the color barrier, other noteworthy players and owners and the modern game itself. Particular attention will also be paid to the role that American culture had on baseball.

Watercolor: The Expressive Medium

This seminar is for watercolor painters with skill levels ranging from novice through experienced painter who wish to explore watercolor as an expressive medium in the beauty of the Björklunden landscape. Drawing skills are useful, but not required, and individuals do not need experience with using watercolor to participate. Participants will explore a wide range of traditional and experimental techniques in transparent and opaque watercolors while they explore the possibilities of this expressive painting medium.

For complete course descriptions, fees, and registration dates call 920. 839.2216, write to Björklunden Seminars, PO Box 10, Baileys Harbor, WI, 54202 or visit