Blackbird Bake Shop Offers Custom Cakes, Cupcakes

Professionally trained baker and pastry chef Sara Unkefer has opened her own business in the space where Cloud Nine had been on County Q between Baileys Harbor and Sister Bay. The new venture, Blackbird Bake Shop, is not currently open to the public, but it is open for custom cake and cupcake orders. 

Unkefer, who apprenticed under renowned pastry chefs in California before undertaking education in pastries in Switzerland, began The Cake Lady and Petite Pastries in Milwaukee in 2004. She ran those successfully until 2008, when she returned to Door County. 

Her focus will be on creating one-of-a-kind cakes for special occasions and providing cut-out cookies, bars and other pastries for local businesses. Currently you can find her baked goods at Ephraim Coffee Lab, Pearl Wine Cottage and Wickman House. 

“Cakes, baking and pastries have always been something I enjoyed doing, and I love the added delight it brings to someone’s day, special occasion or event,” Unkefer said. 

Reach her by email at [email protected] or by phone at 920.854.6402. Her website will be up and running later this month at