Blazing Good Times

Cuddling up next to the fire is a great way to stay warm as the fall and winter cold creeps in, and there’s nothing better than a bonfire built in the backyard.

The best bonfires have the greatest bases. Place a layer of crumpled paper into the fire-pit, top it with kindling, and add a little more paper – a great way to reuse old Pulse’s.

There are two theories of thought when it comes to the best structure for a bonfire – the “log cabin” and the “teepee.” Make a “log cabin” by stacking logs perpendicularly on top of each other until you have reached the desired height. Fill the center with paper. Make a “teepee” by placing logs vertically, touching in the center. Add some additional paper and then place more logs around it.

Start either style build on fire by lighting the paper; you may need to add some additional paper to get it blazing. Using small and medium logs to start will get your fire going quickly. You can increase the heat by adding large logs once the coals are roaring.

Enjoy s’mores year-round by toasting marshmallows over your bonfire. For a special treat, use peanut butter cups in place of chocolate bars. If there isn’t snow on the ground, it’s a good idea to have the hose handy and always be sure to spray or topple your fire before going inside.

Invite your friends, family, or neighbors to enjoy starry skies even as winter beckons while the crackles and pops of your backyard bonfire keep everyone soothingly warm long into the night.