Blossoms Flower House Relocates

The new Ephraim location features a 24-hour grab-and-go cooler

When Jackie Ehlert opened Blossoms Flower House on Highway 57 in 2015, she imagined a retail store and flower shop combination, similar to the traditional flower shop model she was familiar with from her apprenticeship. As it goes with a new business, however, that vision soon evolved. Within a year, Blossoms Flower House had grown from crafting florals for seven weddings to 50 weddings, and it became clear that a studio flower shop without the retail branch was a better fit for her budding business. 

“It became really clear that Door County was craving the flowers we had to offer,” Ehlert said. “Going into 2017, we made the switch from a retail store to a studio flower shop to focus our energy on all things fresh-cut flowers.” 

As the business made the transition, Ehlert realized her current location had too much space, and with the extra space came extra expenses and added work to maintain it. 

“I craved something that could be more efficient for our needs,” she said.

As 2019 began, Ehlert found a suitable new location at the Shops of Green Gables on Highway 42 in north Ephraim. It had the right amount of storage and work space, and there was an ideal spot to set up a grab-and-go cooler for freshly cut bouquets. Ehlert decided to add the grab-and-go concept after concluding that there was a hole in her service offerings after leaving the retail model. 

“It was clear we had a lot of clients who would love to grab a few bright blooms to fill their homes with, but we just didn’t have a great way to do this,” Ehlert said. “I wanted to make sure that quality and freshness were top priorities, and it was really important to me that the flowers were able to stay in a cooler until they went home with fellow flower lovers. I also wanted the offerings to be available outside of the typical nine-to-five business hours, and could cater to visitors as well as the dynamic work schedules so many hold within the county.”

The 24-hour grab-and-go cooler was one of the first pieces to be up and running when Ehlert made the move in May, and she reports that feedback about the service has been very positive. 

“Often I hear how the cooler saved someone’s day as they breezed through for the perfect birthday, host/hostess, thank-you – you name it – bouquet.”

The price points are approachable, allowing many summer visitors and neighbors to treat themselves to weekly bouquets. Outside of wedding florals and the grab-and-go option, Blossoms Flower House fulfills many other requests for freshly cut flowers, including funerals, deliveries, floral-design workshops and more. Because the new location is not open to the public, orders and inquiries should go through the business’s website,; or email, [email protected].

As the wedding season begins to taper off, Ehlert is planning to add more floral-design workshops to her schedule. Currently she has a two-day workshop planned for November at The Clearing Folk School and the annual wreath workshop planned for the new studio location. Check out Blossoms Flower House on Facebook and Instagram to find out more in October. Visit the grab-and-go cooler 24 hours a day at Blossoms Flower House (, 10351 N. Water St. in north Ephraim.

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