This whimsical group claims that they sound like “four guys and a girl being thrown down a flight of stairs.” To be more specific, the Blueheels sound like a rock child of Willie Nelson, Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Cash and the Eagles, and they look kind of like Garth Brooks, Pearl Jam and the Cranberries all rolled into one.

Their Web site describes their sound as “post nu ambio farm-core,” though even they don’t know what that means.

Based in Neenah, the band released their debut, full-length album Long Gone in 2007, available on, as well as in several music stores throughout Wisconsin.

The Heels are composed of Robby Schiller on acoustic guitar and vocals, Adam Cargin on drums, and Justin Bricco on electric guitar. Their songs are vibrant and fun, with great vocals and prominent, melodic guitar riffs.

The Heels put on a great show, which explains their ever-expanding fan base and consistently packed shows. As they promise on their Web site, “basically Blueheels want to entertain you. So you should come to a show and let us do that. We like to give hugs too, and we can’t do that via a computer. Come on out, we’ll get some drinks, and hopefully make you feel like dancing.”

Upcoming Shows:

June 13 & 14 – Steel Bridge SongFest 4

June 25 – Husby’s

June 27 – The Hitching Post

June 28 – Bayside Tavern

July 12 – Sonny’s Pizzeria

August 13 – Husby’s

Correction: This article originally listed Rebecca Krafft and Brett Jannusch as members of the band. They are no longer in Blue Heels. Also, the Web site address was originally printed incorrectly. We regret the errors.