Board Approves Deer Objectives

The Natural Resources Board approved deer population objectives in each county for a three-year period.

These objectives are the result of collaboration between the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and newly formed County Deer Advisory Councils, and will be reviewed on a recurring three-year basis. Recommendations were approved as submitted by each council, with no changes suggested by the department or Natural Resources Board.

“Building public trust and honoring the work of these councils is a key component of this first round of work with CDACs,” said Tom Hauge, DNR Bureau of Wildlife Management director. “We will continue to work with each council to address local issues within their recommendations.”

Each council, present in all 72 counties, is chaired by a member of the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, and features representation from agriculture, forestry, transportation and other stakeholder groups. In all, 214 council meetings have been held, and more than 8,000 people have provided valuable feedback.

The 2012 Deer Trustee Report recommended the department seek input from groups or representatives for certain deer-related interests in an advisory role to help create quotas. These councils met three times in 2014 to gather public feedback and make a recommendation to increase, stabilize or decrease the number of white-tailed deer in their respective county.

Beginning in March 2015, County Deer Advisory Councils will reconvene to develop antlerless quota recommendations that will help move the deer herd toward each council’s population objectives. The department will request board approval for antlerless permit numbers for the 2015 season at the Natural Resources Board meeting in May.

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