Board of Review & Public Notice

Welcome to the Notes from the Grove, providing Liberty Grove residents and visitors with tid bits of information about goings on in Town Government.

• The 2012 Board of Review was held on August 29. In contrast to last year it lasted two hours with no objectors coming before the board. Last year’s Board of Review lasted for nine days. Ryan Andersen of Associated Appraisal Consultants provided the Board with their Sales Analysis for the 2012 Assessment Year.

As reported earlier the Towns 2012 Total Equalized Value was placed at $1,036,755,800. That was based upon 40 total sales – residential, vacant and commercial. The State Department of Revenue requires municipalities to be within 10 percent of the Equalized Value determined by the department. Andersen estimated that Liberty Grove will be at about 104 percent for the 2012 Assessment Year.

• Following up on the last Notes regarding roads in Liberty Grove, the shortest road in Liberty Grove is Ellison Bay Unincorp at 0.03 miles followed by Europe Bay Road (2) at 0.06 miles. Old Stage Road is the longest at 7.08 miles followed by Waters End Road which is 3.91 miles. County ZZ at 6.12 miles is the longest county road followed by County Q, 4.97 miles and County NP with 3.04 miles.

• The town, like all municipalities, is required to give public notice for every meeting. State statutes require 24 hours advance notice of meetings, although there may be two hours notice in the event of emergencies. Since Town Board members may be in attendance at committee meetings the posting of such committee notes their presence is possible but they will not be taking any action as a Town Board. The posting of such meetings should be given “in places likely to be seen by the public” even if another notice method is used. A minimum of three public places is recommended. At present the town website does not qualify as an official posting place for meetings. The town office does post meetings, as well as minutes of all committees, Plan Commission and Board on the website.

The Town Board may gather at sites of public works projects, highway projects etc. for the sole purpose of inspecting the work. The usual notice of such a gathering is not required but suggested. No Town Board action may be taken at inspection sites.

• A reminder that the fall shred fest and electronic recycling will be held on Saturday, October 20 at the Town Hall beginning at 9 am.

• The Finance Committee will meet on Wednesday, October 10 at 9 am working on the 2013 town budget. All committees have been requested to have their budget proposals into the town office by September 30.