Board Says No Sidewalk For South Hudson

In response to residents living along South Hudson Court and a portion of South Hudson Avenue who object to the planned installation of a sidewalk along their streets, Sturgeon Bay’s Local Transportation Board recommended March 13 that the city not put in that sidewalk.

The sidewalk project was approved last December as part of the city’s 2024 capital roadway improvements the Common Council considered when it met as the Board of Public Works.

The residents then received letters about the possibility they would have to pay thousands of dollars in special assessments for the sidewalk, and several of them appeared last month before the Local Transportation Board to state their objections, which included not having enough vehicle or foot traffic to warrant a sidewalk.

City Engineer Chad Shefchik said he contacted the construction company doing the job and learned Martell Construction would be interested in a change order that eliminated the sidewalk. Another option would be to use TID funds to pay for the infrastructure instead of special assessments.

Shefchik said the Local Transportation Board’s discussion also brought up whether the city should change its special assessment policy pertaining to sidewalks, which the Common Council could also consider revising in the future.