Book Recommendation: ‘A Fraudulent Encounter’ by Valerie J. Clarizio

Recommended by LAURA KAYACAN, Adult Services Librarian, Door County Library

If you’re looking for a good mystery/romance book to read around Valentine’s Day, try A Fraudulent Encounter by Valerie J. Clarizio – part of her Crime and Passion Stalk City Hall series.

The main characters in this story are city finance director Natasha Kane and police chief Daxon Mertz. They work together in the city-government building and meet on a regular basis. Slowly they experience a mutual attraction and begin to fall in love. The city is tricked by a scam and loses a large sum of money, followed by smaller crimes involving checks paid to fraudulent vendors. Who has stolen the city’s money?

Clarizio is the finance director for Sturgeon Bay and uses her knowledge of the way things work in city finance to weave an authentic, clever plot. A Fraudulent Encounter is a page-turner!