Book Recommendation: ‘A Night in the Lonesome October’ by Roger Zelazny

Recommended by STEVEN RICE, Museum and Archives Manager, Door County Historical Museum

The last novel written by fantasy grand master Roger Zelazny before his death, this lively mix of supernatural horror and literary crossover has become a modern cult classic. 

The plot centers around a cryptic occult game, played across London on Halloween, during which a cast of famous fictional characters battles for control of a mysterious portal that might bring on the end of the world. That the story is told from the perspective of Snuff, Jack the Ripper’s immortal dog, gives readers an idea of what awaits them on this wild ride, but don’t miss guest appearances by Dr. Frankenstein, Count Dracula and other favorites.

Zelazny’s humor, mastery of language and deep affection for his material lend depth and zest to one of the weirdest and most wonderful Halloween nights of all time. In an era when crossovers and mashups are pop-culture gold, this forgotten masterpiece deserves to be rediscovered.