Book Recommendation: ‘Beach Read’ by Emily Henry, narrated by Julia Whelan

recommended by TINA KAKUSKE, Librarian

Summer is the ideal season to read books for enjoyment, and audiobooks give us the ability to “read” during summertime activities such as vacationing, gardening, canoeing and hanging out at the beach. Narrators of audiobooks can make or break the listening experience, so the audiobook I’m recommending is narrated by the excellent Julia Whelan. 

Beach Read is about two authors – and rivals – who are experiencing writer’s block. While residing in adjacent beach homes, they decide to challenge each other by authoring books in the preferred style of the other: He will write a happy romance, and she will write a literary novel. 

They go on field trips and dates intended to teach the other how to write a book outside of their selected genre, and in doing so, they learn that they need to trust each other and themselves to overcome betrayals in their lives. 

The book could be labeled as “spicy,” so it’s recommended for adult readers. And, it has an HEA (happily ever after) ending – which makes it exactly right for carefree summer reading or listening.