Book Recommendation: ‘Meant to Be’ by Emily Giffin

Recommended by KARLIE MARTENS, Bookseller, Novel Bay Booksellers

Looking for a great summer read? Meant to Be is a work of gold. The story features Joe and Cate as their lives entwine and they fall in love. If you love the Kennedy family, you’ll love this Kennedy-esque story full of family expectations, drama and love. 

Joe – loosely based on John F. Kennedy Jr., which is evident – comes from a rich, famous family, and he has everything handed to him. His mother and his best friend often team up to show Joe “what’s best for him,” but you’ll be rooting for Joe to find his voice and his ability to break free shortly after the story begins.

Cate has had a difficult childhood and started on her own early – experiences that haunt her throughout the story. Still, she’s able to overcome her challenges and find herself. 

When Joe and Cate finally meet, readers are in for a treat! This is everything you could want from a summer read and another five-star book from Emily Giffin.

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