Book Recommendation: ‘This Is How We Do It’ by Matt Lamothe

Recommended by KARLIE MARTENS, bookseller at Novel Bay Booksellers

In this book, Lamothe takes readers on a trip around the globe – without ever leaving home – to learn about seven children who live in different parts of the world and highlight the parts of their day.

Oleg in Russia, for example, wears a uniform to school. Romeo in Italy does not have a school uniform, but he does have a favorite dinosaur sweater! Ribaldo lives in a house his father built in the Amazon Rainforest, and Ananya lives in an apartment along the Ganges River.

This book’s wonderful illustrations are glimpses into the lives of the featured children, and although This Is How We Do It is meant to highlight the different ways in which others live, it’s also great at highlighting the similarities we share. Take a trip around the world with your child to see what it has to offer!

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