Book Signing with Author of Mobster Novel

Central Wisconsin author Mary Ellen Lisciadra will present her new novel, Johnny Rico, and hold a book signing at Book World in Sturgeon Bay on June 10.

Her first book, Stolen Lives, chronicles the saga of the fictional notorious Chicago mob boss, John “Mad Dog” Michaels, during the Prohibition Era in Chicago. The second book introduces us to the son of Mad Dog, John Brennan Michaels (aka Johnny Rico). Set in Wisconsin in the 1930s, the second novel follows Johnny Rico on his quest to put an end to gang violence and the mob reign of terror in Milwaukee. He teams up with corrupt cops and a crusading DA to battle Lou and Jimmy Sirocco – a pair of bloodthirsty mobsters who have been sent north by the “big guys” from Chicago to rule the operations in Wisconsin. This is a tale of good versus evil, hopefully with good winning out in the end.

Lisciandra is a native New Yorker. She graduated from Jamaica High School and attended Suffolk County Community College where she studied creative writing. After a brief period in Pennsylvania and Florida, Lisciandra ended up in Wisconsin Rapids eight years ago. She is a history buff and extremely interested in the Prohibition Era and the gangsters of the Midwest.

Meet the author at Book World on June 10, 11 am to 1 pm. The event is free and open to the public. Book World is located at 30 North 3rd Avenue in downtown Sturgeon Bay. For more information call 920.743.3159.


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