Book Signing with “Cheesehead Devotional” Writer

The Cheesehead Devotional, Hall of Fame Edition by Judy DuCharme was recently released by SonRise Devotionals, a division of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. This is her second Cheesehead Devotional. The Kickoff Edition has been out five years and is still a strong seller. The current book focuses on the Green Bay Packer Hall of Famers. DuCharme walks down the road of adventure, honor and faith with stalwart Packers whose names fill our football history. Each story will challenge and encourage you to strive for greatness and glory in a life of excellence.

Brett Favre’s mom, Bonita, wrote the foreword. Sara White, Reggie’s wife, endorsed the book as did Kevin Harlan, announcer for CBS, TNT, and Westwood One and son of former Packer President Bob Harlan. Wayne Larrivee, voice of Packer radio joined the endorsers, and famous fans, Steve Tate, ‘the Owner,’ and Wayne Sargent, the ‘Ultimate Packer Fan,’ also endorsed the book.

DuCharme will hold book signings at the following locations: Oct. 7, 11 am – 2 pm, Cinnamon Windmill, Egg Harbor; Oct. 28, 11 am – 2 pm, Lighthouse Books, Green Bay.

The Cheesehead Devotional, Hall of Fame Edition is DuCharme’s fifth published book. She lives in Ellison Bay and is a retired Gibraltar fifth grade teacher. For more information, find Judy DuCharme on Facebook, Twitter (@PackerJudy), and


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