Book Signing with Dean Strang

Dean Strang, author of Keep the Wretches in Order, will visit Novel Bay Booksellers on July 19, 5 pm, for a book signing, discussion and refreshments.

Dean Strang

Before World War I, the American government’s reaction to labor dissent had been local, ad hoc, and quasi-military. When the U.S. entered the conflict in 1917, however, government and industry feared that strikes would endanger war production, so a more coordinated, national strategy was deemed necessary. To prevent stoppages, the Department of Justice replaced gunmen with lawyers and systematically targeted the nation’s most radical and innovative union, the Industrial Workers of the World – the Wobblies – which resulted in the largest mass trial in U.S. history.

In the first legal history of this federal trial, Strang shows how the case laid the groundwork for a fundamentally different strategy to stifle radical threats and played a major role in shaping the modern Department of Justice.


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