Bookish Gifts: Nonbook gift ideas for the reader in your life

Not sure which book to choose for the reader in your life? Well, why not try out a bookish item instead? Here are a few ideas from a bibliophile. And before heading online, stop by some of Door County’s indie bookstores to check out their fun items. Keep the spirit of Small Business Saturday going by shopping local! 

Bookish Mug

A mug is perfect for filling up with hot coffee or cocoa for a late-night reading session or starting the day right with a refreshing cuppa of choice. Bookish mugs come in styles from funny to thoughtful, obvious to esoteric.


There’s something about a puzzle that seems to go well with the bookish vibe, and you can find puzzle images from a book print to something that focuses on your gift recipient’s favorite author. Turn on that audiobook and get puzzling!

Book Holder

A fun little gadget, these thumb book holders help keep the pages of a book open with minimal effort. They come in variations from wood to plastic, and some have custom engravings.

Book-themed Candle

Help your reader set the mood for her or his next reading session. You can find scents inspired by favorite books or some that appeal to a general love of the book community.

Book Sleeve

I’ve discovered these only within the past few years, and they’ve changed my reading life since then. If your reader likes to carry books around but doesn’t want them getting damaged in a bag or backpack, try a protective book sleeve. These come in all sizes, colors, patterns and designs, and some have additional pockets for pencils, tabs or notebooks. The one that’s pictured even glows in the dark!

If your gift recipient prefers an e-reader, there are lots of options for protective cases and sleeves as well.

Happy giving!