Boys & Girls Club Members Mind Their Manners at Tea Party

No elbows were seen on the tables at the special tea party held on May 5 for a group of Boys & Girls Club members. During April, Club members had an option to attend a weekly session discussing etiquette, table manners and basic social skills. Those girls and boys who completed all four sessions of the “Mind Your Manners” club were invited to the tea party to demonstrate what they had learned. Door County Trolley stopped first at Sawyer School, and then at the Hatch Center to board more than a dozen excited kids, then traveled up Memorial Drive to The Lodge at Leathem Smith. Awaiting the children was an hour of tea service, small canapés, and warm chocolate chip cookies. It was a well-earned celebration and one that will be fondly remembered. The tea party was made possible by a grant from Thrivent Financial.

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