Brian Linden Receives China’s Yunnan Friendship Award

Brian Linden, of the Linden Centre in Xizhou, Yunnan, China and Ellison Bay’s Linden Gallery, received the Yunnan Provincial Friendship Award Nov. 20. He received the prestigious Yunnan Friendship Award from the Honorable Yunnan Governor Ruan Chengfa in front of respected provincial government leaders and a large television audience. Linden spoke about his 33-year personal journey in China and how the country warmly embraced him as a young man who had few skills to offer beyond passion and respect for China’s heritage.

He also discussed the need for everyone to recognize the value of China’s cultural and social resources and develop more sustainable approaches that preserve and highlight these treasures.

The award represents one of the most important recognitions a foreigner can receive in China. Linden was honored and humbled by the commendation and thanked his wife and business partner Jeanee and his incredible team for all their passion and hard work that made this award possible. For more about the Lindens’ Ellison Bay gallery, visit

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