Bridal Event with a Bang

Wedding season is in full swing on the Door Peninsula and its beautiful backdrop has already accentuated many of these summer ceremonies. While the county provides nuptial-seekers with the atmosphere and aesthetic for one of history’s oldest institutions, it will soon provide an outlet for planning and preparing for the big day.

“This experience and planning all of this has helped me learn so much,” says Claire Erickson, coordinator of the Bon Fair, a wedding showcase that will be taking place on Aug. 30 at Gordon Lodge in Baileys Harbor.

Erickson, owner of Love Bash Design, a start-up business that provides creative nuance and design for events such as weddings and bridal showers, has spent months prepping for her biggest event to date.

“I’ve talked to anyone from florists, people who make wedding dresses, bartenders from all over, photo booth people, food truck companies, wedding cake people, microbreweries, etc.,” Erickson says.

The model for Bon Fair was inspired by the fun, trendy, wedding expos Erickson had seen out west.

“I saw wedding shows in California where they were more like parties than expos and it was showing everyone’s (vendors) talent,” Erickson says.

Having been to a number of “boring” wedding shows, Erickson saw the potential in having a fun-filled evening that will feature elaborate booths and a meet-and-greet with representatives from a variety of vendors from the Door County/greater Midwest area.

Cascading flowers will be flowing from the various floral stations. Savory aromas will fill the air as culinary artists provide a plethora of samples that will cater to the taste buds of any wedding invitee. A bevy of cocktail samples at the event that may help attendees of Bon Fair hit the dance floor, complete with a DJ, as the evening progresses.

“People are cooking right in front of you, they’re mixing drinks right in front of you,” Erickson says in regard to the cuisine and beverage options.

Fun features such as a bridal fashion show and a photo booth contribute to the event’s ensemble as well.

Bon Fair isn’t limited to the betrothed only, but to anyone looking to have a fun evening out or to get ideas for a non-nuptial event.

“It’s not just for brides and grooms,” Erickson says. “It’s really for anyone that wants to come and have a good time.”

The evening promises breakaway from the sometimes mundane and tedious details of wedding planning. “I want people to feel inspired for a new take on their wedding,” Erickson says. “I want the process to be more fun and I want them to know about other options and not just traditional options.”

Tickets can be purchased online at or at the door. The event takes place from 4 to 9 pm.