Bright, Bold Paintings at TAP Lobby Gallery

The Third Avenue Playhouse (TAP) Lobby Gallery presents a selection of paintings from John Bocchino. The exhibit is open to the public during regular performances of Shinbone Alley, July 25 to Sept. 2. The artwork may also be viewed by appointment by calling 920.743.1760.

In his artist’s statement, Bocchino wrote, “Years of drawing have provided the springboard for recent developments in my artistic direction. These paintings were done with quick, lush strokes of paint – thick, thin, juicy, dripping, splattered and lathered onto the canvas. In attempting to be visually appealing I include all of the elements consistent with the general rules of art, allowing the viewer to make an interpretation compatible with their artistic preferences. I am impressed by the potency of street art. My alley may be a few blocks east or west of Shinbone Alley, but right next to it in spirit.”

The TAP Lobby Gallery is located at 239 N. Third Avenue in downtown Sturgeon Bay.

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