Bring Stability Back to Sevastopol

We are all parents of current Sevastopol students. Some of us are Sevastopol alumni. Watching all the negative press about Sevastopol has been painful for us. For many years we enjoyed a very peaceful existence in our district, where mutual respect amongst staff and students prevailed. Our students excelled inside and outside of the classroom. The middle and high school were honored for their blue ribbon achievements. Results like that don’t happen by accident. It takes a strong school community to make that happen, an environment focused on the students, rigorous studies and innovative programs. We enjoyed healthy parent support for many of our extracurricular activities. The school flourished. Pioneer pride was everywhere. We were pleased and proud to say we were part of Sevastopol.

A subtle change started in our district two to three years ago. A lack of unity could be felt in the hallways. Suddenly elementary teachers were distracted from their work. They forgot they were teachers and started acting like children, trashing each other’s classrooms, having allegiance to other staff members instead of having allegiance to Sevastopol.

Bill Behme and Sue Todey had the difficult job of shepherding the district through previously unseen divisions amongst the staff. Ultimately they, and the rest of the school board, made the best and right decision for the district, to make changes to the administrative staff of the school.

Bill and Sue were here volunteering countless hours for our district long before the difficulties started. They were two of the school board members who helped this school rise up and become one of the best schools in the state. They can help Sevastopol rise up again. They know what it takes to make that happen because they were part of the excellence that existed in the district, before the trouble started.

Don’t be diverted away from the truth and the facts by people who shout loudly on Facebook or make unfounded accusations that they have absolutely no evidence of. Look at who is speaking and decide who is more credible, who has more character and then vote. Vote on Aug. 23 to bring reason, character and stability back to Sevastopol. Please vote for Sue Todey and Bill Behme.


Jill & Tom Lautenbach, Crystal Malvitz, Jamie & Tory Stephan, Tracy & Dennis Wautlet
Sevastopol School District

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