Bringing Japan Home

Linden Gallery is hosting a weekend show called “Bringing Japan Home” on July 20 and 21. Learn how to bring the grace, beauty and style of Japanese living to your home and have questions answered during this special exhibition. Featuring Japanese flower arranging, tableware and wearable art; from textiles to ceramics, home décor to Sekiguchi’s own Japanese inspired creations, the show will bring a slice of Japan to Wisconsin.

An afternoon presentation each day will be led by Risa Sekiguchi – teacher, traveler and food philosopher, and co-owner of the online gallery, Mizuya.

Sekiguchi will talk about Japanese food, and clients will see demonstrations on how to build a bento (lunchbox) from simple ingredients at home. Demonstrations are at 3 pm on July 20 and 1 pm on July 21.

The weekend promises to be fun and informative. Space is limited, so come early. For more information call 920.854.2487.