Bruce Joffe Releases New Book

Sturgeon Bay pastor and professor Bruce H. Joffe knows that his new book, My Name Is Heretic: Reforming the Church, from Guts to Glory, is bound to upset some people, especially those who believe that the Bible is absolutely inerrant and literally true.

Promotional copy on the book’s back cover reads: “You can’t box God up in religion. You can’t box Jesus up in Christianity. You can’t box church up in a building…Imagine church without pulpits or pews, creeds or confessionals-no membership, plate-passing, pledges, vestments, heavenly choirs, or altar calls. Without buildings to maintain or staff to sustain, the church no longer is seen as a private club or guilt-trip haven to heaven.”

Bruce Joffe

Bruce Joffe

“We finance our churches, assuming that we’re supporting God in the process,” Joffe says, yet then asks: “But, are we really? Or are we more likely engaged in celebrating church? And, if so, are we celebrating church in the right places and for the right reasons?”

According to the author, we often forget that Jesus often took issue with religious authorities, breaking rules and regulations to assess their true value.

In 16 chapters, the author provides a prescriptive analysis that takes the traditional church as we know it apart and reforms it, albeit with Jesus as the core.

Available locally at Jefferson Street Books and from all online booksellers, My Name Is Heretic: Reforming the Church, from Guts to Glory is available in hardcover, softbound, and every e-book edition.

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