Building a Beautiful Garden

Melinda Myers’s Garden Moment comes to The Clearing this September, but the experience will last for an entire day, rather than just a short video clip, as she presents Building a Beautiful Garden.

The well-known gardening expert, TV host, and author brings 30 years of experience along with a master’s degree in horticulture and certification as an arborist to her class. Readers of Birds & Blooms Magazine and her book Month-by-Month-Gardening in Wisconsin, listeners to The Plant Doctor, and viewers of Great Lakes Gardener will enjoy the opportunity to work with her in person.

Myers’s workshop will be an informal treatment of gardening that includes lecture, discussion, and hands-on activities. “I found as a technical college teacher,” she said, “that you learn by listening, by chatting, and doing.” And everyone enjoys a sense of humor.

Students should bring a notebook and dress comfortably, and be prepared to get their hands dirty “doing some digging in the soil” potting and propagating. The class, she added, will provide both a review of basics and discussions of new plant varieties.

“People who are interested in gardening,” Myers said, “will take away the knowledge and information that applies to them.” Novice gardeners can easily understand her explanations of techniques, and experienced gardeners always learn something new.

Gardening topics will include the utilization of color and texture through shrubs, an introduction to new perennials and plant varieties, the use of vertical accents, and a discussion of effective plant combinations.

Of special interest to local gardeners will be her advice for meeting the challenges presented by droughts, such as the one Northern Door gardeners have experienced this summer. “One of the biggest problems with dry areas is improper watering,” she said. “Don’t water a little each day, but water thoroughly and less frequently to stimulate the depth of root growth.” She also advises mulching with organic matter and selecting drought tolerant plants.

While Myers is familiar with Door County, this is her first opportunity to teach at The Clearing. “I am looking forward to the class,” she said. “I love the people in the area and am excited both about the venue and spending time with gardeners. What a great place to have an event!”

Building a Beautiful Garden will be presented Tuesday, September 27, 9 am – 4 pm, at the Jens Jensen Visitor Center in The Clearing. The $82 tuition includes a catered lunch. For registration information visit or call 854.4088. To learn more about Melinda Myers visit