By the Numbers

$1.27 trillion

The combined net worth of the 400 richest Americans

$1.22 trillion

The combined net worth of the poorest 60 percent of U.S. households, representing 155 million Americans

Rank of the United States government in worldwide information technology purchasing, spending $80 billion annually


Number of the nation’s 2,000 computer data centers the Obama Administration plans to close over the next four years as it shifts to cloud computing

Number of former Milwaukee Braves and Brewers among the top 17 hit leaders in Major League History (Henry Aaron, 3rd; Paul Molitor, 9th; Robin Yount, 17th)

Number of New York Yankees players among baseball’s top 20 in career hits


Career hits for former Brewer Paul Molitor


Number of hits Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter would need to catch Molitor


Number of Door County articles Roy Lukes has written in his career as a nature columnist

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