By the Numbers: Women’s Bureau

The Women’s Bureau, a division of the United States Department of Labor, and the only federal agency designed to advocate on behalf of working women, is celebrating its 97th year. Here are some facts provided by the Women’s Bureau.



The percentage of women-owned businesses in the 20 highest sale industries (these include insurance sales and manufacturing).



Percentage of U.S. workers employed in women-owned businesses.



The number of U.S. industries with more women owners than male owners. That is led by child care and home health care businesses.



Percentage of the U.S. workforce made up of women.



The percentage of women-owned businesses that are in the 20 industries with the lowest average sales (child care, food service, independent artist). For comparison, only 25.4 percent of all male-owned businesses are in these industries.



The percentage of African-American businesses owned by women, compared to 44 percent of Hispanic businesses and 32 percent of non-Hispanic white businesses.



The percentage of receipts of the average woman-owned business compared to the average man-owned business.



The percentage of child care businesses that are owned by women.



The year the Women’s Bureau was created. It began as a way to study women’s employment during and after World War I.


2.5 million

The number of U.S. businesses owned equally by men and women.


8.4 million

The number of workers employed in women-owned businesses in the United States.


264 billion

The annual payroll of women-owned businesses in the United States.


2.5 trillion

The dollars generated by women entrepreneurs as majority and joint business owners.


14 trillion

The amount of U.S. personal wealth controlled by women (51 percent).



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