By the Numbers: Campaign Finance

The Presidential, House District 8 and State Assembly District 1 Elections

All candidates who ran for president this year raised a total of $3.5 billion as of last week. In 2016, the total raised by all candidates was $1.4 billion.

• Democratic candidates raised $2.9 billion this year; Republican candidates raised $555 million.

Wisconsin’s contribution to the total was $12.7 million. Of that, $7.5 million went to Democrats and $5.5 million to Republicans.

• Biggest campaign war chests: Michael Bloomberg (D), $1 billion; Joe Biden (D), $809 million; Pres. Donald Trump (R), $552 million. 

Mike Gallager (R) had raised $3.1 million as of last week. His Democratic challenger, Amanda Stuck, had raised $370,023

• Independent expenditure totals for Wisconsin committees: $6.3 million.

Top political fund in Wisconsin: A Better Wisconsin Together Political Fund, $1.9 million (a progressive/liberal fund). The next highest: Service Employees International Union Committee on Political Education, $644,656.

• Candidates for State Assembly District 1: Incumbent Joel Kitchens (R), $62,016.29; Kim Delorit Jensen (D), $22,344.48.

Source: Federal Election Commission as of last week’s reporting.

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