By the Numbers: Generosity in Wisconsin

The social media company Wallet Hub took a look at charitable giving in the United States and found Wisconsin fairly high in many areas of giving, yet it ranked 41st in giving among the 50 states. Utah was ranked as the most giving state, followed by Maryland, Idaho, Oregon and South Dakota. States ranking worse than Wisconsin were New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, Kentucky, Arizona, California, Louisiana and Rhode Island.



Ranking for number of people in Wisconsin volunteering hours per capita.



Ranking for number of Wisconsin residents who donated money to charity.



Ranking for percentage of population who claim to have donated time to charity.



Ranking for growth in charitable giving from 2006 to 2012.



Ranking for percentage of population that donated a portion of income.



The annual average Americans donate to charity.


$338 billion

The amount of money Americans donated in 2014.


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