By the Numbers: National Nurses Week


The projected percent change in registered nursing employment from 2016 to 2026. The average growth rate for all occupations is 7 percent.


The year the 100th anniversary of nurse Florence Nightingale’s famous mission to the Crimea in 1854 was recognized with a National Nurse Week that was observed Oct. 11-16. A bill to recognize the national week was introduced in Congress but it never went anywhere.


The year National Registered Nurse Day was proposed in Congress, but it went nowhere.


The year the International Council of Nurses declared May 12 (Florence Nightingale’s birthday) to be International Nurse Day.


The year Congress issued a resolution designating May 6 as National Recognition Day for Nurses. President Ronald Reagan signed the proclamation.


The year the American Nursing Association Board of Directors expanded the recognition of nurses to a weeklong celebration of the career.


The year the ANA initiated National RN Recognition Day on May 6.


The year the ANA Board of Directors, at the request of the National Student Nurses Association, designated May 8 as National Student Nurses Day.


The median annual pay for registered nurses.


The number of registered nurses in the United States (2016 figure).


Source:, Bureau of Labor Statistics

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